"ALL CLEAR - A Practical Guide for First Time Leaders and the People Who Support Them"

"Hey Matt! I wanted to let you know I loved your book!! There's a few things in there I have experienced myself, and others I haven't even thought about! Very good read! You've given me my goal for this next season of helping to develop more leadership skills and mindsets in my team!"


Adam Woodall – Holiday World and Splashin’ Safari, IAAPA Show Ambassador

Do you have new supervisors who need development?  This book will outline strategies for the newly promoted supervisor AS WELL AS for the management team who is leading them through this critical transition.

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This book follows Matt's quest to uncover the truth behind why some employees start off strong but seem to eventually fizzle out. What he found was very interesting, and will open many leaders' eyes to how they may be causing burnout, but also how they can fix it!

"The Myth of Employee Burnout" explores how every facet of the ‘employee life cycle’ (from recruiting to termination) can play a role in determining if an employee will continue working at a high level or not. The book also includes practical and strategic steps leaders can take in order to reverse the effects of burnout, or eliminate it altogether.

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NOW AVAILABLE - The Myth of Employee Burnout Supervisor Training Program!  Arm your Supervisors with the tools, resources and skills they need to eliminate BURNOUT!

Feedback for The Myth of Employee Burnout

"I wanted to take a moment and share how much I enjoyed your book. Being in admissions I loved the story of the “Dome” stamp. Lots of excellent points we will put into practice next season. Thanks for writing this book… and keep on writing!"

Patrick Schneider, Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom


"This book reinforces how striving to be a great leader can not only change burnout amongst employees, but can also help motivate and recruit."

Andrew Hyde, Hilton

"What an excellent, relevant, and helpful read. I am starting a new role at Busch Gardens in a couple of weeks as an Assistant Supervisor, and it's like you wrote the book knowing I would need some guidance on some important operational issues for someone in a leadership position such as myself. I found many of your personal advice sprinkled throughout the book the most helpful, and I thought you should know that I'll be referring to it in the next coming months as I get more involved with my role. Thanks for providing such a great resource."

Brandon Thom, Busch Gardens


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