Attractions Mastermind Group

Personal and portable learning for attractions leaders


“It was a fun experience; the weeks flew by. I learned a lot from others in the group.”

"You get a lot out of it for the time you put in."

"The variety of perspectives, backgrounds and personalities allowed me to think in new ways and see different approaches I could explore further."


What is a mastermind group?

A mastermind group is a network of peers who collaborate on issues, provide real and honest feedback to one another, and support the development of each participant.  The group is a safe place to share ideas and elicit input on topics that directly impact you and your business.  Many decisions are made (or made clearer) with the input of this trusted network of talented colleagues.

For the Attractions Mastermind Group, a moderator (Matt Heller, Founder, Performance Optimist Consulting) will organize meetings, facilitate discussions and keep the group on track.  A regular meeting schedule will be established, with meetings occurring over Skype and lasting roughly 1 hour on a bi-weekly basis.

The purpose of this mastermind group is to strengthen the leadership capacity of the individuals involved.  There will be no sharing of sensitive or secretive material that could put one company at a competitive advantage over another.


What is “personal and portable” learning?

In this group, we will explore issues that are important to the individual participants.  These could be predetermined topics or concerns that are brought up for discussion on a particular call.  Either way, the discussions will be targeted to the individuals in the group, allowing personal reflection and development that is not often possible in larger learning settings.

Being portable means you get to take this knowledge, network and experience with you, anywhere you go as a leader.  Whether you move to a different role in your current organization or to a different company or industry all together, the lessons learned from this experience are yours to keep!


What are the benefits of a mastermind group?

Mutual support – the busier you are, the easier it is to feel alone, even when surrounded by many people. The relationships formed during the mastermind program create a close-knit network of confidants and advisors that can provide support whenever needed.

Differing perspectives - Hearing different views allows participants to see issues they wouldn’t otherwise become aware of.  Whether you agree with others’ perspectives or not, it’s a great way to gather input from alternative sources.

Resources - Everyone in the group will have access to a different skill set and network of people.  As your network expends, so do the possible resources around you.

Accountability – “A promise spoken is a promise kept”.  Mastermind participants help each other achieve goals not only by providing support, but by also expecting results and progress from the other members. No one wants to be the person saying they didn’t get anything done.


“It's a great opportunity to connect with people in the attractions industry and learn from each other.”


Process for Attractions Mastermind Group

To maximize engagement and group dynamics, mastermind candidates will be evaluated according to experience level.

Seasonal Supervisor – 1 to 3 years in a seasonal leadership role

Manager – 3 to 7 years of full time, mid-level leadership experience

Executive – 10 + years’ experience, currently holding a director, VP or C-suite position (CEO, COO, etc.)

Participants will be asked to commit to 6 months of bi-weekly virtual mastermind meetings.

Candidates can be from any attraction type.  All departments are welcome, and diversity of backgrounds will be considered when choosing participants. 

Once the participants (4-6) have been determined, the following steps will be taken:

Establish a biweekly schedule that each person can commit to. Calls will be 1 hour in length via Skype.

Each participant will take a DiSC behavioral style assessment to determine baseline strengths and weaknesses

Private Facebook group will be created to share ideas and resources during non-call times

Cost for participating in the Attractions Mastermind Group: $799


Mastermind participant conduct and expectations

Attendance – all participants are expected to attend all scheduled meetings.  If a scheduling conflict arises, please notify the facilitator immediately.

Participation/Engagement – a Mastermind is an active group and is only as strong as its members.  Each participant is expected to participate in and contribute to both in-person (Skype) and online (Facebook group) discussions.

Respect for fellow members – your Mastermind group is a safe place.  Mastermind conversations, and the information that group members share, should be treated as confidential.  The nature of Mastermind conversations can reveal personal feelings and struggles, and individuals must recognize the need to be open and honest with the group.  That will produce the deepest, longest lasting results.  This can also uncover a difference of opinions, which are necessary to the growth of individuals and the group.  All such opinions, judgments and suggestions should be delivered in a respectful and helpful manner.


Mastermind meeting schedule and agendas

All meetings will follow a similar outline and will have a general topic to be discussed.  The outline and topics are structured to allow flexibility as determined by the group.

Basic outline/agenda for each meeting:

Recap previous week, discuss Facebook group activity if needed


Each member shares a high, low, or significant accomplishment since the last meeting


Pre-determined topic or 1 member on the “hot seat”, discussing a topic or issue they are experiencing, allowing the group to share feedback and suggestions


Each member will share one high value activity/initiative you want to be held accountable for


Brief recap of key learnings from the call


Meeting topics

Meeting topics can be predetermined or brought up in the moment by any member of the group.  Topics will vary based on program level (i.e. Supervisor, Manager or Executive).  Past and potential discussion topics include:

DiSC communication study                                 Relationship with leader

Team dynamics                                                       Staffing models

Employee motivation/engagement                    Building trust

Working with other departments                        Time management

Leadership influence                                              Delegation

Big picture thinking                                                 Developing other leaders

High maintenance employees/co-workers       Self-awareness


How to apply

We are currently accepting applications for our next program. As stated above, candidates should be leaders who would benefit from group coaching and would be willing and able to provide insightful feedback to others.

Investment - $799 per person

To see if you have what it takes to be a Mastermind, click here to start the process!

Thank you!


Attractions Mastermind Group

Personal and portable learning for attractions leaders


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