The Myth of Employee Burnout Supervisor Training Program

An 8-week leadership development program based on The Myth of Employee Burnout!

“I am super excited about the Myth class. I have noticed a marked improvement in my Supervisors who took the course. Their interactions with the employees they supervise have improved. They have a sense of purpose and belonging. The time spent in class definitely advanced their skills to the next level.”

  — Sam Gage, Director of Operations, Silverwood Theme Park

Did you hear that?  Bringing departments together, looking at employees with new eyes, taking accountability for actions as they relate to your team members… this should be music to any managers ears!

Why does this matter?

Because your Supervisors matter!  They are the lifeblood of your organization because they are the direct link between you and the frontline employees who interact with your guests.  Their performance can literally make or break you. 

Need more concrete evidence?  How about this:  most employees don't leave companies because of pay or benefits. They leave because of the working conditions that unskilled and ill-prepared Supervisors create.  But that's not worst of it.  All this costs you money, too.

$3500* to be exact.  Yes, to replace an employee making 8/hr, you will spend $3500 on recruiting, training, admin and loss of productivity.  And that's just one employee.

What do you do about it?

Train your Supervisors.  And I don't mean train them on how to use the radio.  That's important, but won't help him/her build relationships with their team members and work cohesively with their departmental peers.  For that, you need a system.

This is where The Myth of Employee Burnout Training Program comes in.  This is an 8-week leadership development program that teaches supervisors about communication, teamwork, employee engagement, leadership influence and more.  Each week, a lesson (approx. 30-60 min. session) based on a section of the book, The Myth of Employee Burnout, is discussed and explored. Then, an assignment is given to each participant to apply what they have learned that week. 

Here's the best part - all the heavy lifting is already done for you.  The leader's guide contains lesson plans for all 8 lessons, and the participant workbook is filled with thought provoking questions that encourage discussion and looking at things from a different perspective.

The ultimate goal of the program is to prepare your Supervisors to build the skills needed to keep employees motivated, productive and engaged.  In other words, to eliminate BURNOUT!

The system includes:

Pre-formatted lesson plans* for 8 weeks of supervisory development (for the meeting leader - click for sample)

Detailed development workbook* for each participant (click for sample)

Copy of "The Myth of Employee Burnout" for each participant and the meeting leader

Peace of mind knowing that one of your most important (and time consuming) duties is taken care of!

Unlimited phone and email support with Matt Heller

Is there an app available?

No.  Leadership is a contact sport.  It's an interactive, knock-down-drag-out experience that you can't learn by staring at a device.  To be an effective leader, you have to be able to communicate, both verbally and in written form.  This program emphasizes sharing thoughts and ideas face-to-face with real human beings.  It requires participants to practice the art of documenting and communicating their thoughts, which allows for deeper reflection than merely checking a box. 

What's the investment?

Ahhh... the money question!  You already know how much bad supervision is costing you ($3500 per employee). What's it going to cost to fix it? 

Would you believe that it's just $117 per person to go through the program? That includes everything you need.  The leader's guide, the participant workbook, the book, the support, it's all included.  You only pay for the number of people going through a particular program.  Have 10 going through, order 10.  Have 15 going through, order 15. 

And get this...  Let's say you take that $3500 and invest it in your Supervisors so that you can eliminate burnout and reduce turnover.  That $3500 would cover the cost of 29 supervisors going through this program. 

I'm usually not a math guy, but this kind of math I like.  If each of those 29 Supervisors prevents just ONE employee from leaving because of the skills they learned, that means you'll be saving $101,500.  That's money in the bank!

I am ready to eliminate BURNOUT!


*A recent study by Alvernia University found that the cost of replacing one front line employee making $8/hour is about $3500, or 30-50% of their annual salary.

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