Industries Served

Amusement parks, theme parks, attractions, zoos, aquariums, museums, family entertainment centers, farm stands, agritourism, eco-tourism, corn mazes, pumpkin patches, ski resorts... anyplace people go to have fun!

Services: Training

Large scale or small... and everything in between!

At the core of great performance is great training.  Give your staff and leaders the tools they need to succeed!

  1. Interactive Keynotes for conferences or large groups
  2. Targeted workshops for smaller teams to dive deeper into topics and build rapport
  3. Facilitation for all programs is interactive, fun and engaging!
  4. All sessions customized to your audience and needs; can range from 90 minutes to multiple days
  5. Most popular session topics
    1. The Myth of Employee Burnout (can be combined with The Myth of Employee Burnout Training Program)
    2. Cause and Effect of Leadership
    3. Aligning Your 3 P's: Passion, Personality & Purpose
    4. The Rhythm of Teamwork
    5. Connect the Dots - How to Provide Outstanding Customer Service

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 Services: Coaching

How many sports teams have a coach?  All of them!  At times, leaders need guidance and encouragement, too.

Executive/leadership/one-on-one coaching

  1. In-depth one-on-one coaching for those who supervise staff members and/or other leaders
  2. Process starts with a behavioral assessment to determine areas of strength and weakness
  3. Regular meetings (via Skype, phone, or in person) scheduled by the week or month, working on current issues and long range improvement goals
  4. Great for developing new leaders and keeping experienced leaders on track
  5. Book a 90-minute session to work through specific issues, or enroll in a 6 or 12 month program to truly take your leadership performance to the next level.  Custom programs also available based on need.

Learn more about coaching program options here.

Mastermind Program

  1. Form of group coaching, where the participants are also the coaches
  2. 4-5 peers (from different companies) meet bi-weekly via Skype to discuss issues and advise one another
  3. Program length: 6 months
  4. Builds leadership and networking skills

To learn more about the Mastermind program, click here.

Executive/Leadership Retreats

  1. Gather your leadership team for a few days of facilitated brainstorming and decision-making
  2. Dedicated time away to work on specific business goals and intiatives
  3. Held offsite to maximize engagement

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Services: Writing and stand alone programs 

  1. LeaderTips Blog - since 2009, this has been the resource for articles on leadership, customer service and employee engagement for the attractions industry
  2. The Myth of Employee Burnout book - explores why some employees lose motivation (burnout) over time and what leaders can do about it.  This is the basis for The Myth of Employee Burnout Supervisor Training Program.
  3. ALL CLEAR! A Practical Guide for First Time Leaders and the People Who Support Them - this book provides valuable resources for those moving into their first leadership role, as well the people who are overseeing that process.  Target release date: November, 2017.
  4. Newsletter - fun articles and resources delivered to your inbox.  For access (and a special gift) click here
  5. The Myth of Employee Burnout Supervisor Training Program is a stand alone (self-guided) training system that prepares your supervisors to lead well and eliminate burnout.  There are 8 sessions that can be delivered over 8 weeks, to ensure good habits are formed and that the learning sticks.  

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Partial list of clients:

  1. Cedar Fair (corporate)
  2. Six Flags (corporate)
  3. Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago
  4. Knoebels Amusement Resort
  5. St. Augustine Lighthouse and Maritime Museum
  6. Apex Parks Group
  7. Zoo Miami and Zoo Miami Foundation
  8. Florida Attractions Association
  9. Omaha Children's Museum
  10. Dallas Zoo
  11. Schlitterbahn Waterparks and Resorts
  12. Carowinds
  13. Maize (Corn Maze) Conference
  14. Kings Island
  15. Dorney Park
  16. Valleyfair
  17. Children's Discovery Museum of San Jose
  18. Wet 'N' Wild SplashTown - Houston
  19. Six Flags America
  20. Six Flags Great Adventure
  21. Six Flags Great America
  22. Six Flags Magic Mountain
  23. Six Flags Fiesta Texas
  24. North American Farm Direct Marketers Association
  25. New England Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions
  26. Stone Mountain
  27. Dollywood
  28. Kongeparken
  29. Bowling Proprietors Association of America
  30. Sk8 Expo
  31. Roller Skating Assocation
  32. Skycoaster
  33. Story Land
  34. Santa's Village AZOOsment Park
  35. Universal Studios Hollywood
  36. Silverwood Theme Park
  37. Lagoon Park
  38. Whitings Foods
  39. Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk
  40. American Pyrotechnics Association
  41. Texas Public Pool Council

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